Cutting-edge industrial labelling

We design and produce the label that best fits your product’s needs, with the most advanced technology on the market

Booklet labels

Booklet labels

Booklet labels allow you to include a great deal of information in the label without sacrificing design.

Multi-page labels

Multi-page labels

Multi-layer labels provide an innovative, functional design to meet legal labelling requirements and provide all the information your clients need.

RFID labels

RFID technology

Using RFID technology with your labels provides you with smart functions, which is very helpful for product traceability, stock control and security.

NFC labels

NFC technology

This creates actual real-time interaction with your clients, using NFC technology in your products’ labelling. Ask us about available options.

For whom

Our advanced labelling solutions can be applied to very different sectors that have something in common: a constant search for innovation.